Starting up the Blog Farm

Finishing up the transition to WordPress multisite. will be soon moved to the new software. I am also still flushing out the bugs associated with the move to the multisite version of WordPress. But it will be better in the long run and help cut down the admin time required to keep the blogs and wiki sites working correctly.

I will be rolling out some sites to help better document all my current electronic projects and other activities. Let me know if you are interested in having a blog hosted at Use the contact us page on the main site at

Scott Sigler Tattoo’s

A re-post of our Scott Sigler inspired tattoos.  Added this post after hearing our names on the Friday Fix podcast so other junkies could have a look.  These are old pictures.  I’ll send Scott some new pictures to put on the website.

Becca's Null Set Tattoo

Becca’s Null Set Tattoo

First tattoo

First tattoo

Nocturnal Protection Tattoo

Nocturnal Protection Tattoo

Before Face Lift

Here are some pics of my new jeep before the american flag/eagle sticker gets ripped off.  Hopefully I will have a good ole silver jeep by next week.

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