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New Scott Sigler book

I got my new Scott Sigler book, The Rookie, today. I don’t think I will read this perticular book since it is a signed limited edition of 3000. I will have to go buy a different copy that I won’t mind throwing around. I have already listened to audio version about a year ago. It will be interesting to see what changes have been made in translation to print. I was so excited when I saw the package notice in the mailbox from the Dark Overlord.

The story is great and keeps you drawn in. I wasn’t a fan of football before but now it seems more interesting.

That’s all for now, my fingers are tired from typing this out on my iphone.

Earth centrism still around?!??

I was reading a new press release from Texas Freedom Network about Texas lawmakers introducing bills to change the education code to allow teachers and such to possible introduce Intelligent Design into the classroom.  In the example of how this new bill could disrupt the teaching of fact based science they referenced a website that advocates Earth centrism, the belief that everything in the universe revolves around the Earth.  When I first went to the website it looks an old site that reminded me of the web site I had back in the mid 1990’s hosted in my AOL account.  But then I noticed the links had been updated very recently.

Just take a look around in the site and read some of the absurd “facts” given to prove that everything revolves around the Earth.  Here is one quote that I picked out stating facts that have to be “assumed” and that are not proven in order for the Earth to rotate.

5) The Earth’s atmosphere must be assumed to be just an airy, fixed extension of the alleged rotating Earth. It is assumed and must be assumed that this atmosphere must have the remarkable ability to synchronize speeds of objects in it at all altitudes–birds, clouds, jets, low orbit satellites, alleged geo-synchronous satellites over 22,000 miles out–and to be unaffected by alleged Earth movements of speeds ranging from 1000 MPH to 67,000 MPH to 500,000 MPH to 660,000,000 MPH. This assumption is mandatory once the rotating Earth assumption is made and can not be ignored in the helio model of the eclipse phenomena.

This statement just tweaked me a little when I read it.  I am not the smartest guy around, but even I know some easy to point out flaws in this statement.  They say this has to be true in order for the earth to be rotating in the heliocentric model.  But this statement is not true even for a rotating earth.  Geo-synchronous satellites could care less if the earth was rotating or not.  They are put into orbit above the equator at a certain altitude so that they orbit the earth at the same speed the earth spins.  If the earth were to spin faster then they would be at higher orbits or if the earth spin slower they would be at lower orbits.  If the earth were not to spin at all then there would not be such a thing as geo-synchronous orbits.  Also, the atmosphere is not synchronized with the rotation of the earth, hence the reason we have hurricanes and typhoons and trade winds in general.

I could go on and on all day debunking this site with just commonly observable facts.  Just my quick 10 minute browse of this site makes me wonder (but grateful)  how we were able to get out of the dark ages of burning witches at the stake and talking to burning bushes.  Oh ya, science is the reason why.  Fact based, falsifiable science.

On the early note, if you do live in Texas make sure you keep up with the Texas Freedom Network blog and see how you can help stave off the anti-science antics of the Texas lawmakers.  This much more of a threat to our future generations.


Scott Sigler – New York Times Bestselling Author

While listening to Keith and the Girl, I heard that Scott Sigler has finally made it onto the New York Times bestseller list for the release of “Contagious.”  He was at #33 when I checked it on the morning of 1-15-09.  He should have made it when his last book “Infected” came out.  Even then he only missed it by a few.

Thanks to a Christmas gift from my mom, I was able to go and and get the book within the first week or two from when it was released.  I haven’t had a chance to read it yet, but I have been listening to the podcast version.  Even if I never get the chance to read it and only listen to the podcast I am glad I was able to support this great author and his new, better approach to writing and selling his works.

Since my last post about the “Contagious” release I have listened to his other books “Nocturnal” and “Earthcore.”  I am currently downloading “Ancestor”, “Bloodcast”, and “The Rookie.”  I have no idea what they are about, but I can’t wait to get time to listen to them.

Holy crap!! While looking for the names of the other books I am downloading I just found out the Scott will be here in Dallas tomorrow!  I hope I will be able to get up in time to make it to the book reading.  The event link is here.  This odd work week and night shift really sucks sometimes.  I am going to have to suck it up and just plan on taking a nap at work tomorrow night.

But anyways, congratulations to Scott Sigler for finally getting to the NYT list.


CONTAGIOUS | Scott Sigler: Bestselling Horror Author and Failed Pimp

Scott Sigler’s new book “Contagious” is being released 12-30-2008.  It is the follow up to “Infected.”  I’m not into reading books to often, but after hearing Scott’s interview about “Infected” on Keith and the Girl I had to go check it out.  I downloaded the book as a pdf at first to see if I would be into it and the first chapter sucked me in.  The next day I was at Barnes and Noble buying the hardcover.

I also admire the way Scott publishes his work.  He makes pdf versions freely available on his web site and does a audio podcast version.  Make sure to go check out his web site and see if you can meet up with him during his book release tour.  Just follow the link at the bottom of the post.

CONTAGIOUS | Scott Sigler: Bestselling Horror Author and Failed Pimp.